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What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a short structured body and mind method created to boost our capacities and to provide well-being and self-awareness in a short period of time. 

The technique teaches exercices that include breathing work with body movements, muscular relaxation and visualisation of positive images.

The exercices can be done any time anywhere and are easy to practice in your everyday life

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When practiced regularly Sophrology leads to a calm and alert mind in a relaxed body.

The word Sophrology comes from Ancient Greek.




Sophrology is  "the study of serene consciousness".

Sophrology was founded in the 1960s by a Colombian born neuro psychiatrist and professor called Alfonso Caycedo who explored and studied Western techniques (hypnosis, philosophy, self-suggestion, classical relaxation methods) and Eastern techniques (Indian yoga, Buddhist meditation and Japonese Zazen).

The influences of the Western methods combined with the Eastern forms of relaxation led him to develop his own method to improve people's health, both physically and mentally in the fastest possible time and with lasting results.

Sophrology has a wide range of applications. It's used in schools and universities, business, sports, hospitals, childbirth and relationships.


- Everyday life dealing with  

Stress, anxiety, sleeping issus, lack of self-confidence, personal changes...

-  Mental preparation

Exams, sport competitions,  public speaking, job interview, childbirth...

-  Medical

Dealing with pain and fears, regain vitality...

-  Pathological behaviors 

 Phobias, urges, addictions

Sophrology teaching is a verbal method.

Sophrology is for for everyone: children, teenagers, adults, seniors.

You either sit or stand (sometimes lie down depending on health conditions).

Sophrology never substitutes to medical treatments.

Easy to learn, fast to feel benefits,

The more you practice the more results you get and you gain in autonomy.

 - Release physical and mental tensions

 - Release fears

 - Relieve stress

 - Calm down

 - Improve breathing

 - Increase energy levels

 - Let go

 - Manage pain

 - Improve concentration

 - Strengthen memory

 - Increase self-confidence


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