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One to one sessions
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Private sessions are personalised and adapted to meet your needs.

You will be able to find out your own ressources to achieve your goal.

You will learn personalised exercices and become autonomous in your everyday life.

What happens in a session?

On the first session of an individual program, you will define your goal and I will help you to describe your special needs. You will tell me about your lifestyle habits, about your leasure activities, all your positive ressources. All these informations will enable me to prepare the best personalised program that suits your needs for the next sessions. You will then experience sophrology exercices in order to relax.

The first session is always longer than the others, around 1 1/2 course.


The next sessions, your personalised program and exercices will be fully adapted for your needs and your goal.

Sophrology sessions


- You tell me about the feelings you had while training on your own between sessions.

- I talk you through a series of breathing exercices and muscular relaxation, tensing and releasing group muscles, focusing on your            sensations. 

- I guide you through a visualisation. You imagine and focus on a particular subject, on a particular image or scene, on a positive                   memory. 

- You are then welcome to tell me (or not) what you experienced emotionally, mentally and physically  during the visualisation.

The exercices can be recorded to help you practicing between sessions (although you probably won't need to after few sessions).




45minutes to one hour sessions

Between 7 to 12 sessions needed depending on your goal and your needs.

Once a week for best results.

Sit or standing during the session.

No specific outfit needed.

Practicing regularly between sessions is highly recommended for best results. 

Skype sessions possible if you are unable to be present. Payment in advance.


                                                                     All sessions by appointment only


- Office

Tuesdays 2pm - 8pm 

Thursdays 8am - 12pm

Maison Nomade

140 rue du faubourg saint Martin 75010 Paris

(starting March 12)

- At your home or in your work place


-By Skype


60 euros/session in my office


80 euros/session at your home or work place

80 euros/session by Skype

50 euros/session for students and unemployed 

For an appointment 

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