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Training Programs
Managing stress
sophologie viasophrology stress therapie serenité vitalité  paris calme sophrology mind body therapy well-being calm serenity

Manage anxiety and tensions to find serenity, calmness and vitality in your mind and your body. 

Managing Stress Training Program is dedicated to anyone who feels anxiety, physical and mental tensions, lack of energy, fatigue, lack of concentration and lack of self-confidence because of stress.

Each session of the program has a different topic:

- Release your physical and mental tensions

- Relax

- Get things into perspective

- concentrate on positive things

- Regain self-confidence

You become autonomous in order to manage stress in your everyday life.

6 sessions training program including the first initiation to Sophrology session.


Mental Preparation
sophrologie viasophrology preparation mentale examen étudiant sport concentration concours thérapie sophrology therapy student self-confidence mind body

 Getting ready for an exam or any important event in your life involves mental preparation to be able to give the best of yourself on the D Day

Mental Preparation Training Program is dedicated to anyone who needs to give the best of oneself for a competition, an exam or any important moment of one's life.


The Mental Preparation program is adapted to your needs depending on your special event:

- Getting ready for an exam

- Going on stage

- Public speaking 

- Sport competition

- Childbirth

Each session has a specific topic according to the event:

- Release fears 

- Relax 

- Improving breathing

- Maximizing memory

- Increasing concentration

- Improving self-confidence

To be able to live the big moment with serenity with all your capacities

For 2 persons or group sessions, the event should be the same for all the participants.

Between 5 to 7 sessions training program depending on your needs.


    Prices for 2 personnes

In my office

35 euros/session/person

180 euros6 sessions package/ person

Other place (your home, office...)

50 euros/session/person

210 euros / 6 sessions package/ person

           Group prices


In my office

25 euros/session/person

130 euros/ 6 sessions package/person

Other place (your home, office...)

30 euros/session/ person

150 euros/6 session package/person


2 to 6 participants for Training Programs' sessions .

        Sessions packages are booked in advance

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